ERTSUL’s first capsule collection. A unique selection of one-off silver pieces that combine lab-grown and natural gemstones with organic forms and human touch.  A representation of our neccesary reunification with nature.

ERTSUL’s first drop, containing 10 unique pieces that will not be recreated. Each one was mindfully crafted by hand, from start to finish, using a combination of chaotic, uncontrollable processes, careful craftsmanship and scientific technologies.

Every item is completely unique, and all rings are individually sized. Please make sure you know your ring size accurately before ordering. SIZING

Each piece is an exploration of the notion that we must rediscover our lost bond with the earth. That we can use our newfound position, all of the technology we have developed and knowledge we have gained, to return to unity with the world.

Combining Mother Earth’s finest treasures with mankind’s own lab-grown gemstones. Organic, flowing curves and ambiguous forms meet unnatural lines and human structure. Logic, science and reason harmonise with the abstract and formless. Chaos and order collide and dance together.